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    Welcome to Light and Body. Our slogan, "Lighten your world, Refresh your body, Renew your spirit". Light and Body is a trade name of the Moyer Family. Candle making has been a family hobby for almost 30 years. We specialized in pillars and fancy decorative candles from molds. Selling to friends, family and some country stores. We have now expanded into all types of candles, and learned new things every step of the way. Each type of candle is very unique, for example you don't make pillar cadles like you do container candles, or tapers. We have finally decided to make this much more than simply a hobby by appearing in local craft shows and selling on the internet.

     Our Products are produced to very high standards. For examples with our candles, we use several custom wax blends that you will not find in any other candles. Why? Because it is a formula that Matthew developed and our suppliers produce the material just for us. Our candles have just the right amount of hardness and sheen to produce a wonderful long burning, and great scent throw candle that is sure to please all. We take great care to use quality materials and ingrediants in all of our product lines. We use the products ourselves and we expect a good product just like you. With each of our product lines we have taken great care in developing a formula that's just the way we want. Our motto: "Quality, over Quanity." This can be a lot of work, but our repeat customers thank us for taking these extra steps.

     We hope you enjoy all we have to offer and please visit the "What we're working on" link to the left to see all we are developing to become much more than simply candle makers. This site has much more development to go. So some of our products are not online yet. If there is a specific kind of candle you want contact us we can probably produce it for you. Don't forget to check our our Fragrence List as we have access to over 450 scents. We don't keep all 450 in stock so if one you really want one that is marked not in stock contact us. If you would be willing to purchase 2 or more candles of a fragrence we have access to but don't carry we would be willing to buy it and produce the item for you.

     Thanks for visiting, Matthew, Sharon, Merle, & Ruth.